National Impaired Driving Prevention Month


Diabetic complication – nephropathy (National Diabetes Month)

Nephropathy, also known as diabetic kidney disease, is a serious complication of diabetes that can lead to kidney failure. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, accounting for 44% of new cases. The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste products from the blood and regulating the balance of fluids in the body. In people

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Celiac Disease

Available Treatment & Promising Future Celiac (US spelling) or coeliac (UK spelling) disease affects genetically predisposed people through the ingestion of gluten, which attacks primarily the small intestine. Several expert panels have estimated the impact of celiac disease at around 2 million at home and at 1% of the global population abroad. It is a

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What Is It & How Do You Get Infected Monkeypox is a viral zoonosis, a word that defines any disease transmitted by animals to humans, much like salmonellosis, the West Nile virus, rabies, the plague… Or our very own, very intimate of late, the re-emerging human coronavirus —it was first spotted in the 1960s—, with

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Vision & Eyecare Tips

Sight Is Society’s Most Priced Sense Practice eye health care habits and hygiene on a regular basis and remember, eye problems and related vision loss only gets worse with age. Visit Your Eye Doctor Regularly. Routine eye exams, updated prescriptions, early signs, and detection of eye diseases and conditions are all sound eye care management

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