What Is It & How Do You Get Infected Monkeypox is a viral zoonosis, a word that defines any disease transmitted by animals to humans, much like salmonellosis, the West Nile virus, rabies, the plague… Or our very own, very intimate of late, the re-emerging human coronavirus —it was first spotted in the 1960s—, with …

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Defining Causes, Types and Symptoms Aphasia is a language and communication disorder caused by brain damage in the area(s) specific to language control and understanding. It short circuits verbal communication and leaves patients unable to communicate effectively with others, most typically because the words spoken are all in a jam, mixed up beyond recognition. The …

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Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders Tagged as such, sleep disorders seem like a pretty innocuous condition that you can approach and deal with even without consulting a professional physician. First error: sleeps disorders can be a life altering situation, with a large percentage of the American and world population reporting problems sleeping anyway. Today, the American Sleep Association …

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Discussing Personal and Societal Stigma

Stigma is defined as “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.” Let’s focus on the person. And the circumstance. Mental health, problematic mental health. Unfortunately, much that surrounds mental health problems carries a busload of misunderstanding amongst the public, with negative beliefs and attitudes piling up with nothing of substance …

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Best Caregiving Tips For Parkinson’s Disease

As the Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month advances among the usual calendar of activities, the progressiveness of the disease will bring up new and important challenges. Whether new to Parkinson’s Disease (PD) or a long-time caregiver, it is key for you to ascertain and invest in a hardcore support network. This will warrant the wellbeing for …

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