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International Human Rights Day

Truly Honoring Us All One of the cleverest logos (hand-cum-dovetail, or vice versa, depending on how you tilt your head) ever made adorns the intentions …

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World Pneumonia Day

COVID-19 Oxygen Needs Tracker Latest Initiative   World Pneumonia Day takes place every year on 12th November, as a child of the Stop Pneumonia Initiative …

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National Family Caregivers Month

Family Members Still the Unpaid Mainstay of the Elderly, Disabled & Ill The observance of National Family Caregivers Month (NFCM) is celebrated every November in …

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PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center

Cyberbullying a Growing Concern Canada’s Anti-Bullying Day (est. 2007) was the precursor to the US’s Unity Day, the signature event launched in 2011 by PACER’s …

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Fatty Liver

For all you French buffs reading this, nope, fatty liver is not foie gras, although it translates directly as such! Fatty liver is also known …

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Platelets Day

Observed year after year on the last Friday of the month of September, Sport Purple for Platelets Day truly supports all patients suffering from Idiopathic …

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World Suicide Prevention Day

Unexpected Good News in the Height of the Pandemic September tenth of every year is World Suicide Prevention Day, a commemoration that raises awareness and …

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World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day raises awareness for the plight of civilians who have become caught up in conflicts the world over, hoping to make a difference …

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Cord Blood Banking & Stem Cell Research

Trials and Treatment The cord in cord blood refers to the umbilical cord. The blood is the remaining fluid found inside an umbilical cord after …

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