Top 5 Things To Do during Flu Season

Top 5 Things To Do during Flu Season

During this flu season (September-March), we’re providing you with a few tips that will avoid the inconvenience and discomfort brought by the flu. Avoid the flu to help you save money, time and grief.

Here are the five essential things to do during flu season.

#1 Eat Whole and Healthy Foods

Many people still neglect the idea of eating whole and healthy foods. They ignore the idea that diet affects their health and their immune system-leaving them more prone to illness. Therefore, you need to incorporate a diet that is filled with vegetables and fresh fruits. Eliminate sugar and processed foods and eat only protein-enriched foods. Since each individual is different in his or her dietary requirement, a unique diet plan will also help optimize their health. Call your health care provider to better understand the right dietary foods for you.

#2 Wash Your Hands

This may already be old news, but this is surprisingly helpful for the flu season. Wash your hands in soapy and warm water for two to three minutes. There is still a need to ensure that you clean in between fingers and backs of the wrist and hand. Make sure to always wash before eating as bacteria can go directly from your hands to your mouth during meal times.

#3 Stay Away from Those Germs

This may somehow be unrealistic that germs can all be found around. Germs are also everywhere from the things, places and people around. But still, protect yourself by carrying a sanitizer and following a hand-washing technique.

#4 Get the Flu Shot

You will most importantly need to get the flu shot. This will help you avoid getting sick. Each year, the flu virus develops and the flu shot you might have gotten last year might not protect you anymore. The latest version will help combat any new strains of the virus. In order for you to get protected, get it from your healthcare provider or your nearest clinic center. The vaccination is usually updated every year.

#5 Get Moving

Exercise might also be the best thing to consider in order for you to avoid flu. People who often work out on a regular basis will become leaner, healthier and stronger. Stay fit for you to keep your immune system working and healthy.

Also, call the health care provider and learn about the health care needs that you have. If possible, make an appointment with a top clinic backed by a nurse practitioner to discuss the issues with you.

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