June: Health-Promoting Father’s Day Gift Guide

June: Health-Promoting Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day in the US will take place on Sunday, June 21, a day that celebrates fatherhood and the positive influence of paternal figures. Giving a meaningful gift has sometimes been a headache or a challenging conundrum. What do I give my dad that he will actually find useful, with meaning and purpose? Promoting health checks all of these boxes and more, so here is a thoughtful list of Father’s Day Gifts to get you started. It is an open list, so at the very least, we hope to tickle your imagination and get you started down this road.

1. Exercise Tracker. Having become a popular gadget for all sorts of activities (not only physical), trackers are both an affordable and an extremely useful present. Incorporating some of the functionalities that phones give us, like time and alarms, often perfectly synched with smartphones to facilitate access to our social media of choice and private messaging, exercise trackers’ main goal is to set your dad up for daily (or habitual) exercising, whether it’s walking, biking, running or the famous 10,000 daily step regimen. Help your dad along in his attempt to get fitter or get him interested in a new and healthier lifestyle.

2. Personalized Daddy Book. It might be a book that looks like a children’s book and is specifically geared at making that shared bonding time more enjoyable for both child and parent. Thinking even more of dad’s needs —if he’s a little older especially— it could be a standard e-book (think Kindle!), where he can store his favorite reads, from serious literature to everyday journals. Reading has been scientifically proven to enhance brain connectivity, aid in sleep readiness, reduce stress, improve blood pressure and heart rate, fight depression symptoms, and prevent the much-feared cognitive decline with age. Remember also that e-books feature electronic memory and skills games, such as mind games, math puzzles, or Sudoku.

3. Cooking Tools. It’s not just about developing new attributes and knowledge as we age, it’s also about surrounding yourself with increased opportunities to incorporate healthy habits in a joyful, fun, and creative manner. Cooking certainly covers all of these areas and helps in America’s much needed strive for healthier eating… which normally implies going back to our very own kitchens! The best gift here, really a gift for the ages, because of the immediate pleasure it gives, is a new set of knives. Don’t go cheap: consider not buying the entire 24 piece-set, but maybe a top-quality set of 3, including a chef, a boning and a paring knife.

4. Hot Sauce Set. This might be a peculiar choice at bird’s eye view, but hear us out. The antioxidants in hot sauce help reduce blood pressure and inflammation and contain anti-aging properties. Capsaicin, the famous ‘tingling’ agent, is a metabolic rate capacitator, so it is a great help if shedding a few pounds is your dad’s specific need. Habaneros, serranos, jalapeños, cayenne peppers… you name it, are high on vitamins A & C and other minerals, helpful in preventing chronic disease or the common cold. Finally, biting into the agent of spiciness is tied to the release of the happy hormones, such as endorphins or serotonin.





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