How To Get Beach Body Ready

How To Get Beach Body Ready

Sugar / Starches Out
Vegetable Fats / Exercise In

When assessing how to get your body back into beach-faring form in a relatively healthy manner, maybe the best advice out there is to avoid extreme diets and avert cutthroat exercise plans. Anything that takes you to the limit too quickly will almost invariably have a harmful rebound effect… or simply put, will have you interested for too short a period of time.

Instead, follow these simple cues. Mix and match at will. Be purposeful, but also be mindful.

Cut Down: Refined Sugars and Starches

This is a no-brainer. Reduce the snacking. Read the labels and avoid anything high on fructose content, like the ubiquitous American diet corn syrup. So, for example, no sodas of any kind. No refined grain bread. No juicing, but a lot of egg eating.

Incorporate: +Vegetables and Vegetable Fat

The list of veggies and associated fats should not be a revelation to anyone paying any sort of attention to anything remotely related to leading a healthy lifestyle.
Think of a diet rich in:

  • Olive oil: Only olive, none of the other cut it or even come near
  • Avocadoes in all shape, form and preparation
  • Almonds
  • Asparagus
  • Cucumber

A Little More on The Food Front

But also think of curbing fiber intake, which will go a long way to reduce the bloating effect. So basically, reduce high-sodium foods and slow-digesting carbs, such as broccoli or kale. And knowingly increase high-potassium fruits such as oranges, kiwis and bananas.
Add all the protein you can to eventually fill every single one of your daily meals. Clinical nutrition research shows improved weight loss results when protein intake is upped.

±: Increase Muscular Tone; Cut Down Body Fat

Follow a varied exercise regimen. High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short, exercise is probably the fastest way to get back into shape, as needed. 25-30 minutes per day should suffice. However, you should push yourself during the time that you are at it to see a timely turnaround. A good pointer when attempting to increase body toning is to allow for resistance-type exercises in your routine; it is a proven fact that resistance strengthens toning effect by making muscles work harder. Then peppering your workouts with squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, and the like.

Intensify: Incidental Exercise

Pick up bonus points —and calory burning time— by fast-tracking the awesome assets behind incidental exercising. What is this exactly? Use any opportunity to turn daily routines and chores into short exercising bouts, all of which will add up by the end of your working day. So, take the long way around to your car and add 100-200 more steps. Walk up the stairs when possible; ditch the elevator. And all that jazz! You know the score.


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