August: Planning Your Doctor Visit

August Doctor Visit

August: Planning Your Doctor Visit

It is imperative to be prepared for your annual checkup. In fact, if you plan for your doctor visit, you’ll be able to take advantage of the time spent there. Here are a few tips to help you during your next doctor visit.


Remember that the doctor’s job is to ensure that they maintain your health in good standing and provide the best information for your well being. Having said this, make sure that you are at the utmost honest during your visit. This will help the doctor accurately assess your health and recommend what works best for your specific situation.

Prioritize Your Questions

Many times a doctor visit can go by quickly and so you might forget to ask the right questions. Make a list of the most important questions to ask during the visit. If you prioritize your list of questions and choose a few to ask during the visit, you’ll walk away with the best experience.

Avoid Small Talk

Doctors are always there to pay attention to the patient, but each patient does have a limited time so that the doctor can continue attending the rest of the patients on a timely manner. Make sure to tell the doctor exactly what is going- the symptoms, when they started and how you are feeling. This will ensure that the right information is being assessed and the right diagnosis is given.

Provide Feedback

Although doctors do have a limited time for patients, you should also let the doctor know whether you feel rushed. Make sure to emphasize that this visit is very important to you and if you’re feeling worried. Feedback helps doctors gauge their bedside manners and will help them better their communication with patients.

Don’t Expect All Questions to Be Answered

Many times, doctors specialize in a specific field and although most questions will be answered, doctors do have to refer a specialist sometimes. The doctor will never tell you something that they are unsure about, which is why they might say that they don’t have an answer. Realize that not even the best doctors know everything.

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