April: Celebrating Earth Day During the Pandemic

April: Celebrating Earth Day During the Pandemic

Celebrating Earth Day During the Pandemic

How The Environment Affects Your Health and Wellbeing

Earth Day will take place on Wednesday April 22nd, marking its 50th anniversary. This global day of activism roots for environmental protection and sustainability.

Earth Day Network has estimated that over 1 billion people partake every year in the activities organized worldwide. More importantly, precious information is discussed on how aiding the environment protects health and promotes wellbeing. The US Environmental Protection Agency recently conducted research to prove this assumption: air quality, water sanitation, protection of biodiversity … all of these, and many more, affect our bodies and minds.

These 2 examples should underpin this line of thought.

  • Rising temperatures in the US have increased the pollen season anywhere from 11 to 27 days since 1995, according to research by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
  • The American Lung Association defends that the most visible effects of climate change —drought, wildfires, heat, flooding, pollution— are already having a serious negative impact on lung health.

Our main source of inspiration to take eco-steps and accept climate science is our inner circle. Just last year, a collaborative study concluded that people are more receptive to its tenants and take necessary action if they have actively discussed it with family and friends.

This year’s Earth Day theme is climate action and will be the first held 100% on digital platforms due to the strict social distancing and lockdown measures. The Earth Day Network has published a piece cautioning us of 6 lessons we need to take away from the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Science matters because science saves lives.

2. How we treat the natural world directly affects our wellbeing. The loss of habitat and biodiversity is a stomping ground for new and lethal viruses.

3. The sooner we mobilize for action, the less suffering will take place. Let’s flatten the curve!

4. We have the ability to make significant changes very quickly and, for example, transform our energy consumption drastically.

5. All of us are vulnerable to crisis, though unequally.

6. Holding on to a vision of a just, peaceful and sustainable Earth will give us strength for the future.

And finally, a few private initiatives that are mindful with the planet, that might get you right into the spirit of this day and that will leave your mark for the rest of the year.

🌱Plant a tree and start a garden in your community

🌱Begin recycling practices at home

🌱Switch CFL bulbs for LEDs

🌱Pick up plogging, that is, picking up random waste while jogging

🌱Start buying reusable and ditch single-use

🌱Drink tap water

🌱Bike, walk, carpool or take public transport (the last 2, of course, when social distancing measures are history) to diminish your carbon footprint

🌱Learn about pollinators. Heck, become a beekeeper.

🌱Line dry your clothes

🌱Become a volunteer for a local environment NGO or association

🌱Seriously cut down on meat consumption or go meatless altogether…

🌱Take shorter showers





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