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Adult Dentistry

Superb dental treatment for the 55+.

Mature dental patients have specific and unique needs. Denver dentist Dr. Barotz is a dentist who understands those needs. Some people need help retaining their original teeth.  Others would benefit from dental implants, or replacement dentures. Many require extensive dental work.

Whatever level of dental care you need, Dr. Barotz will listen to you, provide you with excellent care and make you feel comfortable. He has 30 years of experience treating patients in the Denver area, and he can fully handle even the most complex cases.
Total Dental Solutions in a single office

Dr. Barotz recognized early on that people need to have a single, thorough dentist who they can trust to see them through all of the dental procedures that they require. He knows that this is particularly important for his adult patients with complex needs. As a result, he has worked hard to create a single dental practice where all of your questions can be answered, and all of the procedures that you need can be performed, comfortably, to give you the healthy, beautiful smile that you deserve.

Whether you need crowns, dental implants or Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures, Dr. Barotz can complete all of your dental work right here in our comfortable, downtown Denver office. Even if you have neglected your teeth, feel that you need a lot of work done, or are afraid of the dentist, please come in for a consultation. You will find that Dr. Barotz is a caring, knowledgeable dentist who will really listen to you, and help you to work out the exact treatment plan that is right for you.

Come in and see Dr. Barotz for a Complimentary Consultation and find out exactly how you can restore your mouth to full function and beauty.

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